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Peninsula Mingxuan Restaurant

Peninsula Mingxuan restaurant, invested by Peninsula catering management group, is located in China Mayor's building in Guangzhou, with a construction area of 2000 square meters. The distinctive shape of landmark buildings and luxurious interior decoration make it a well-known restaurant in the catering industry in Guangzhou.

Peninsula Mingxuan pursues classic and simple design style, generous and elegant banquet hall, showing honor and taste. The luxury VIP private room is equipped with a separate rest area and a red wine cigar bar. Under the continuous light, sit down at the bar, listen to the flowing soft music, and enjoy the dance of red wine and cigars. It is an ideal choice for business negotiation, gathering of friends and elite communication.

"Science, nutrition, health and fashion", adhere to the selection of the most original and pollution-free healthy ingredients, and make great efforts in the delicacy, standardization and delicacy of production, so as to immerse you in various non repeated cooking skills and the embodiment of taste buds with repeated climaxes, highlighting the connotation of high-quality Cantonese cuisine and the new concept of "green catering restaurant".

"Advocating catering enjoyment without consumption pressure" Peninsula Mingxuan is the first choice for business banquets, wedding banquets and family and friends' gatherings.